Programming Tool For NXP Semiconductors

Flash Magic

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Production System

Use Flash Magic on a production line or develop custom Windows applications to program NXP microcontrollers!

Production Lines 

Do you want to use Flash Magic on a production line? Simply purchase the Flash Magic Production System from our North American online store or European online store and you are fully licensed to use it on an unlimited number of production lines in your company. You get one year of updates at no extra cost. 

Custom PC Applications 

Do you want to develop your own PC applications that program NXP microcontrollers? Rather than spending engineering time re-inventing the wheel and solving the same problems that we did, why not purchase the Flash Magic Production System? The system contains a set of DLLs and/or .NET assemblies that are the product of years of development and debugging in order to work smoothly and reliably when programming via ISP.

Flash Magic uses the exact same DLLs to implement it's core functionality.

The system includes complete manuals and technical support.

LabVIEW Support

The Flash Magic Production System .NET comes with a LabVIEW 32-bit VI for erasing, programming and verifying NXP Cortex Devices. Perfect for integrating into existing test and production engineering systems.

For a full feature list, pricing and to order, visit our North American online store or European online store. Please contact us if you have any questions.