This section contains various useful ISP and Flash Magic resources. All files and resources are reproduced with permission and are © Copyright their authors unless otherwise noted.

Flash Magic Application Notes

Document Description
App Note 1
ISP entry using COM port handshaking signals
App Note 2
Hints and tips for Flash Magic
App Note 3
Using Flash Magic with the 89LPC932
App Note 4
What to do if ISP does not work
App Note 5
Connection tables

NXP Documentation and Resources

LPC9xx ISP to ICP bridge code version 1.7
89LPC9xx bootloader sources and application note
89LPC9xxCRCCalculation.pdf How to calculate the 89LPC9xx CRC for a hex file 
How to use the LPC9xx In-Circuit Programming (ICP)
Updated bootloaders for the 89(L)V51Rx2 devices Updated bootloader for the 89V66x devices 

User Created Documentation and Resources

File Author Description
Torben Madsen
89LPC9xx ISP interface circuit that does not require jumpers
Maurits van de Lande
Schematic diagram for modified LPC9xx programmer
Erik Malund
"Touchless" ISP/IAP of the NXP 89C51Rx2 and 89C66x
Erik Malund
A Back Door for IAP when the Boot Vector is Lost
Erik Malund
"Touchless" ISP for the NXP 89LPC9xx family
Lex Timmerman
"Touchless" ISP for the NXP 89LPC935
ICPBridgeVddSwitch.pdf Joseph Goldburg  Revised ICP bridge circuit for the NXP 89LPC9xx family
Joseph Goldburg  No Touch for LPC932A1/935
Roberto Muñoz  No Touch for LPC935 and LPC9321 using TxD pin
R Raghunathan  89LPC935 Bootloader activation by software
Torben W Hansen
Just-In-Time serial number module for LPC2xxx devices
How to Program LPC900/LPC17xx/LPC2xxx Microcontrollers With Flash Magic and PoUSB12

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